The Leading Hotels of the World has remarkably uncommon stories to tell. We didn’t set out to create them, but by curating the world’s most unique properties, in some of its most coveted locations, we discovered them just the same. Here, a bar isn’t merely a bar, a view not simply a view, but each an experience in itself, rich with history, nuance and stories yet to be written. Join us, share in these stories and, even better, create your own.

Villa d'Este

Lake Como, Italy

Bathed in the tranquility of Lake Como.
Where a floating pool is ironically a landmark.
And the Bellinis are swimmingly good.
Verandas, terraces, hilltop trails.
Here, the only view that doesn’t please
Is a ball in the rough on the notorious par 69.
Though even that can be appreciated amidst the sublime of

Silversands Grenada

St. George's, Grenada

From the heart of the Island of Spice.
To the waves lapping the beaches beyond.
Past two globally inspired restaurants.
Along a path lined with palms.
And across the waters of the Caribbean’s longest pool
where guests are invited to swim, soak and take in

Chablé Yucatan

Chocholá, Mexico

Woven by the hands of a local artist.
Suspended from the boughs of a centuries-old tree.
Scented by the breeze through an organic garden.
Enjoyed by those who choose lives of adventure
rather than spending time at home on

The Newbury Boston

Boston, Massachusetts; United States

That may be softly lit, but boasts a brilliant history.
That sits within a hotel where A Streetcar Named Desire was penned.
That stands at an address where Presidents and Prime Ministers have stayed.
That hosted Charles Lindberg after the first NY-to-Boston passenger flight.
And that invites Bostonians and travelers alike to enjoy a gourmet plate, sip a
signature cocktail and realize that they’ve arrived at more than just